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The Secret to Great Gifting


Gift on time. Occasions won’t sneak up on you, not on our watch.


Give gifts they never knew they wanted. We cut your search time, big time.


Gift with confidence. You’re not alone in this, we’ve got you.

Why Lily&Strum?

Build and save profiles to track all your important people and dates in one secure place.

Receive timely reminders that give you weeks to act instead of hours to react.

Trust our expert curators to continuously seek out the best gift ideas and coolest finds.

Answer insightful questions about your giftees to refine recommendations with intelligent matching.

Invite friends and family to easily weigh in on your gift recommendations.

Choose from inspired recommendations tailored for each and every occasion.

Moments Matter

Life is made up of little moments. Whether it’s a birthday or an anniversary, a new home or a new baby, taking time to honor the people who share our lives is what life is all about. Gifts can surprise us, make us feel appreciated, or show us how well someone really knows us. The right gift at the right time turns any moment into a celebration.

See how Lily&Strum can help you make the most of every moment.

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Sign up now for just $36/year—less than the cost of over-nighting one last-minute gift. Every Lily&Strum account features:

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Our service is subscription-based, which means that we’re not forced to align with particular retailers or products. Our fulltime curators go to the ends of the internet to make sure you give the right gift at the right time.

See What People Are Saying

"Lily&Strum’s recommendations are terrific. They come up with personalized gift ideas I never would have thought of. I thought I knew most of the online retailers, but Lily&Strum has introduced me to so many new ones."

Elissa Ashwood
CEO, Truly Accomplished

"Now I can give her something that she will actually like without the stress or spending too much time shopping. And my gifts won't end up in the back of the closet. I'm in!"

Alex Gindin
CEO, Emplified

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